September 17, 2016

Bohemian weekend


Currently I am sitting in a Starbucks, sipping on a Guatemala-Something Cappuccino and taking advantage of their free WiFi in order for me to post this article and say my "Hellos" on social media. 
Moving your home is hard business, so until Monday or Tuesday, I am out of Internet connection; hopefully this will be resolved soon; traveling around from one coffee shop to another with a heavy laptop is not an easy task.

 Anyway, onto the outfit - while we are still enjoying a very prolonged Summer here in Romania, I took advantage of one of the remaining sales that was still on-going (Hello 70% OFF!) and took this wonderful hippie, boho-chic, whatever you want to call it, cardigan and I am so glad I managed to create this look before the cold temperatures start to kick in. 
By all means, this style is nothing new, but this is not exactly my day to day style, so playing around with new styles, whenever I get the chance is very new to me. And it feels fun! 

 Happy weekend guys!

  bohochic3bohochic5 bohostyle2 bohochic2 bohostyle bohostyle3 bohochic4

Wearing: New Yorker cardigan and sunglasses, Sheinside jumpsuit, thrifted bag, Zara sandals

September 14, 2016

Casual ethnic look

etnic boho6  

Looking at these photos you might think that I'm in a savanna, but the truth is that it hasn't rained in my hometown for about a month, hence pretty much all the fields are dry and turning yellow. I don't know exactly why I wanted to take these photos at edge of the town, it's not exactly a fabulous poppy field, but I guess I wanted a change of scenery and somehow that straw Summer hat fits perfectly in this arid landscape. 
This traditional blouse also inspired me to choose a place less urban, even though you see this type of blouses pretty much everywhere right now and styled in so many different ways, from leather skirts, to denim shorts. What do you think about this style of blouses? etnic boho8 etnic boho2 etnic boho3 etnic boho etnic boho5 etnic boho7 etnic boho4

Wearing: no name blouse and hat, Terranova shorts, sandals from here

September 11, 2016

Romantic Sunday afternoon

romantic look8

It's sooo good to just sit back and relax after more than a stressful week of finding a new home; I simply hate moving around, I mean, the packing and organizing all the luggage -  and I do have a dozens of boxes and bags, I just couldn't believe how so many small stuff can occupy lots of big boxes. It felt never ending.
Alas, after almost ten long days, I finally found a decent home for me and my cat (there are so many people who dislike animals, for crying out loud it's a cat, not a dinosaur!) and I caaan't wait to receive the keys and organize my stuff in my new little space.

So that is my main reason for disappearing from the blogosphere and social media world, but now I am back with this gorgeous set of photos I took recently, showing off this silky dress which has become one of my favorites, mainly because of the light fabric which is just amazing and just look at that gorgeous print - not too flashy, but much more delicate and feminine. The detail that struck me was the little collar bow that really makes the dress a whole lot more interesting.
Stylewe strucks me as a website that sells much more refined products, especially dresses, there's an abundance of them, you just need the patience to browse them all to pick a favorite (or ten favorites).

Happy Sunday guys!

romantic look romantic look6 romantic look7 romantic look5 romantic look4 romantic look3 romantic look2

Wearing: Stylewe dress, vintage bag, no name shoes