January 23, 2017

How to survive the sale season

how to survive sale season4  
You know how the sale season can be the highest temptation for any fashionable addict to spend money and ever so often, on things you don't actually need. I am guilty of this myself, I ended up having shoes that I wore only two times in two years, or skirts that were not in my style (back when I didn't know what my style was, I was experimenting with everything) I used to buy things just because they were pretty and I couldn't resist the beauty, but I have allowed myself to do that as long as that piece of clothing or jewelry will never die along with the trend.

  how to survive sale seasonhow to survive sale season3  

Over the years I have learned from my small mistakes and I developed a plan that really helped me not also save money, but also to maintain space in my closet. Most of the clothes I bought during sale season did not fit my style I ended up selling them or giving them to my friends, so after I cleansed my wardrobe, I decided it was time to reevaluate the way I shop, both online and offline.

  how to survive sale season5  
Here are a few tips to help you survive the sale season without ending up broke:

 1. Make a list from the beginning and set up a budget: You know the sales are coming up and you need let's say a new white shirt or a leather skirt. Set up a budget to buy the exact items you need and hit the stores that you know you could find your desired items. If you did not spend all your budget on the items from your list, you can reward yourself with a little bonus, like a cute necklace or a cake from Starbucks - I know I would! 

 2. Avoid impulse buys: This might be hard, but if you do not have a unlimited budget, you might want to try to avoid this, because all the items you see might seem pretty and lovely, but just take a minute and think: "Do I really need this item?" or more importantly "Would I be able to wear it with the pieces I have in my wardrobe?" There is nothing more frustrating than to buy a top that does not match any type of skirt or pants you own, therefor you will need to buy a new pair of pants or skirt just to be able to wear it. It's definitely not worth it if you end up spending way too much money. 

 3. Don't shop just for the sake of the discount: This has been a real struggle for me, because I was always attracted to a discounted price, even though that specific item was not necessarily on my "to buy list". The higher the discount, the more attracted I felt towards buying it. This is a trap, because most consumers tend to buy that item just because it has a 70% discount, but you really want to ask yourself: "Do I love this item so much that I would I buy it at its full price?".  If the answer is"NO"  then step away and move on to the next item. It's simple, if you love something that you feel you can't live without and the price doesn't matter, then you know it will make you happy.

4. Avoid trends that will fade: Every season there has to be at least two or three trends you see in all stores and there is this immense urge to dive in all of them at once, but you always have to think if that specific trend is suited for your style and if it isn't, move on to the next one. Because you will end up with a closet filled with clothes that you will never wear!
In order to understand which trend will come back next year and which are the ones who die, you need to make a little research beforehand. Study trends and you will know that iconic pieces like a perfectly tailored suit will forever come back again and again and it is very likely that pink snake skin boots will not be a must have item in the next season.

5. If possible, shop with a partner: And by partner, I mean a male friend or your husband, because we all know men do not have the same patience and excitement as we women do when it comes to shopping, so they will be able to grab you by the hand and drag you out of the store if needed, or ask you the same questions I asked in this article, because we might forget them in all the excitement, so a partner will be able to help you think over your decisions.

how to survive sale season2

And that is all folks!
Thank you for reading and tell me if these tips ever worked for you or if you have other suggestions I could also use, there is also room for improvement!

January 17, 2017

The blue fluffy coat

blue coat 

 I'm that person usually comfortable in the classic, elegant style, with a bit of glamour on top, but every now and then I enjoy a twist of eccentricity and this blue furry coat is the one I am referring to here.
 I remember buying it a looong time ago on an impulse. It was so different than everything else I saw in stores and back then I used to be this restless spirit that wanted to be as colorful as possible, but also, in style! I wanted to feel that way again so I decided to wear this coat on a Sunday afternoon and you know what? I still love it, which is quite something considering the fact that I usually get bored of 40% of my wardrobe season after season. 

How do you like it? I am curious to know!

  blue coat2blue polar coat blue coat3 blue furr coat blue coat5 blue polar coat2

Wearing: thrifted coat and belt, New Yorker scarf, Adona bag, H&M boots.

January 12, 2017

Everlasting love for velvet, vintage and bygone times

silk velvet green top2

Anyone who knows me, should be aware of my constant attraction to aristocracy, vintage accessories and clothing, old houses and...velvet. Put together all of them and I am complete! 
Whenever I see a 100 year old historical mansion, I immediately feel this urge to explore it inside and out, then I start to imagine what kind of people lived there and all the stories and memories it upholds. I feel a sudden melancholy that is not even mine and I can't explain why, but I love it. 
Whenever I am in such a house, I feel like I never want to leave, so capturing bits and pieces of it in pictures is the best I can do to keep the feeling alive and share it with you as well.

Avelvet outfit mozart caffe velvet green off shoulder top velvet camee choker

It feels this place deserves a proper attire, so I thought a silk velvet top which happens to be off the shoulder will make me feel a bit like a Victorian noble woman. Pair that with a cameo choker and vintage golden earrings and my look is fulfilled.

mozart caffe2 silk velvet green top velvet outfit2 mozart caffe3 silk velvet green top3

I wanted to snap more pictures of this house, but I wasn't exactly allowed to do that, plus there were other customers, but I hope you can get an idea of how classy it feels.
By the way, the place is called Amadeus Mozart Caffe for those who are interested. They serve the most delicious cakes and coffee in town!

Wearing: no name velvet top, thrifted skirt, Mohito boots, hand made choker, vintage earrings and belt